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F.A.Q. on Traffic Rules and Penalties

Q. Is it necessary to carry Driving License while driving?
Yes. In case, one is found guilty for not carrying a Driving License then a challan amount or imprisonment or both can be compounded on the guilty.

Q. What is to be done if stopped by traffic police on account of a Traffic Violation?
One can either pay the penalty fees against the receipt or surrender the documents against the challans receipt and attend court when it is expected.

Q. What is to be done if the vehicle documents are seized by a Traffic cop?
One can have his/her documents released after paying the penalty fees of the offence in court.

Q. Can traffic authorities detain vehicles anytime?
Authorities can detain vehicles under following conditions:

  1. Driver is driving without license.
  2. Vehicle is driven without registration.
  3. Commercial vehicles driven without permit.
  4. Vehicle driven without payment of tax.
  5. Vehicle is carrying a suspicious number plate.

Q. Under what conditions a vehicle can be "Towed"?
Any vehicle found under the following conditions can be towed and then fined:

  1. Vehicle parked under restricted zone.
  2. Vehicle parked in a way to cause inconvenience to the road users.

Q. What is to be done in case the vehicle is "Towed" by a traffic crane?
One can contact the nearest Traffic Police Circle and pay the challans fees for improper parking along with the tow away charges that are vehicle specific.

Q. What is the law for Drunken Driving?
If anyone is found guilty of Drunken Driving, then he may have to pay a hefty amount for challan or may be imprisoned. The punishment depends upon the amount of alcohol consumed and frequency of occurrence of such an offense.

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