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F.A.Q. on Vehicle Registration and Permits

Q. How can we know where a vehicle has been registered?
This information can be fetched from the code: Ex: DL-4C-1747 DL - means - vehicle belongs to Delhi. 4 - means - the region code, here Janak Puri. C - means the vehicle type - Car 1747 - Vehicle registration number.

Q. Can I keep photocopies of Registration Certificates of vehicle while driving?
You should keep Original Registration Certificate with your vehicle and keep photocopies at your home. The court can prosecute for not having original documents with you.

Q. Can I interchange my Registration No. of my vehicle to other vehicle?
No, you can not. Any vehicle registered for its particular registration mark will remain its identifications and interchange of it is not allowed.

Q. What are provisions relating to" Transfer of vehicles"?
If the vehicle is kept in a state other than where it is registered for more than 1 yr, then a new registration mark needs to be applied for.

Q. Who is eligible for Permits?
Any registered owner of a transport vehicle can apply for the "Permit". However there are restrictions and permits are made available only after notification of Government.

Q. What is the action taken against violation of permit conditions especially by stage carriage buses?
Action is taken by STA against these offenders u/s 86 of MV Act fro suspension/cancellation of permits.

Q. What are different types of permits available?
Six types of permits are functional in India:

  1. Contract Carriage
  2. Private Service Vehicle
  3. Educational Institution Bus
  4. Goods arriage
  5. All India Permit for Tourist Vehicle
  6. Stage Carriage.
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