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F.A.Q. on General Questions

Q. What precautions are required for "Diabetic Patients" while driving?
Diabetic Patients are always advised to have meals and snacks before and during long journeys and take short brakes while driving. If blood sugar levels go down while driving, they should take glucose or biscuits to restore the levels before starting to drive.

Q. What precautions need to be taken in "Special Conditions"?
Special Conditions and respective precautions are advised below:

  • Precautions for Driving in Foggy Condition

    It is usually advised not to take for driving during foggy conditions.If necessary, special precautions should be kept in mind, including:

    1. Slow down the vehicle speed
    2. Use fog lights
    3. Use indicators well before time
    4. Prefer to drive within speed limits of 5 to 10 km per hour.

  • Precautions for Driving in Rain

    Roads become slippery in rainy season, so, every step should be taken to avoid vehicle from slipping. Tips to be kept in mind include:

    1. Increase the following distance
    2. Apply brakes cautiously
    3. Use indicators and head lights wisely

  • Precautions for Driving on Hills

    The following points should be kept in mind while driving in a hilly region:

    1. Drive slowly
    2. Remove frost from the front and side mirrors
    3. Apply brakes cautiously

  • Precautions for Night Driving

    The main problem encountered during night driving is glarying of eyes due to lights:

    1. Don't overuse headlights
    2. Avoid using any other light in your vehicle
    3. Do not over speed

  • Precautions in Case of Fire

    1. Turn off the engine and move out of vehicle.
    2. Try to distinguish fire yourself and in meanwhile call the fire station.

Q. What is the "Effect of Alcohol" or any drug on driving skills?
The drugs alter the driving ability and prolong the reaction time threatening the safety.

Q. How does vision affects driving?
Inability to see on the roads while driving may pose threat to the driver safety.

Q. Can I complain if I suspect I have been overcharged?
Yes, you can complain to the local transport department.

Q. Can a foreigner drive vehicle in India on the basis of Driving License issued by foreign country?
No, but, if he carries an IDP from his country he can.

Q. What is the validity of IDP in India?
1 yr.

Q. Why do Govt. makes "Helmet" use compulsory?
Helmets have been made compulsory because head injuries account for brain injuries in two wheelers.

Q. What is the rule for "Tinted Glasses"?
The glass of windscreen and rear window of every motor vehicle shall be maintained in such a way that visual transmission of light is not less than 70% and side windows shall be maintained in such a way that visual transmission of light is not less than 50% and shall confirm to Indian Standards.

Q. Is it necessary that the registered owner has to be available at the time of every transaction of vehicle?
No, only in case where signature differs or in other doubtful cases the registered owner has to appear before the concerned in Transport office. The other person can also represent for transactions in registration.

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