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Traffic Authorities in India

The transport Department is one of the largest revenue earning departments. dealing with various transport related matters like driving licenses, registration of motor vehicles, grant and renewal of permits and other regulatory and enforcement services. The transport department works under the provision of the section 213 of the MV Act, 1988. The transport department is primarily established for enforcement of the provisions of the motor vehicle act, 1988.

Working Authorities:

Transport Department works with two of the concerned authorities, under Section 68 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. These are discussed below:

  1. State Transport Authority: The main functions of the State Transport Authority are:

    • To co-ordinate and regulate the activities and policies of the Regional Transport Authorities.
    • Entering into bilateral agreements with other States.
    • To decide the quota for counter signature permits.
    • Grant of All India and State wide permits.

  2. Regional Transport Authority: The main functions of the Regional Transport Authority are:

    • To exercise and discharge the powers and functions conferred on them under the provisions of Motor Vehicles Act, which mainly relate to control of transport by way of grant of permits.
Services Provided by R.T.O:

Regional Transport Office provides the following services:

  1. Related to Driving License:

    • Issuing learner license.
    • Renewal of learner license.
    • Issuing driving license.
    • Renewal of driving license (issued in same and other office).
    • Endorsement in driving license.
    • Noting change of address in learner and driving license.
    • Issuing International driving permit.
    • Conductor license

    • And related services.

  2. Related to Registration of Vehicles

    • Temporary registration of vehicles.
    • Permanent registration of vehicles.
    • Transfer of ownership.
    • Entry of hypothecation/ hire-purchase/ lease agreement.
    • Termination of hypothecation/ hire-purchase/ lease agreement.
    • Change of address.
    • Issue of no objection certificate.
    • Issue of clearance certificate

    • And related transactions.

  3. Collection of Tax

    • Payment of tax


The services granted by these authorities are regulated, monitored and enforced by two of the Enforcement Agencies:

  • Enforcement wing of the transport department.
  • Traffic police.

If in any case somebody violates the rules and regulations related to traffic laws – an offence then they are bound to issue Challans against the offender under some penal actions as per M.V Act, 1988.

Some Related Acts

Motor Vehicle Act, 1988
Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989
Delhi Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989
Rules of Road Regulation, 1989
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