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Indian Roads - Zero In On Safety
Right to life and safety is the fundamental right of any citizen. This is guaranteed under the constitution of every country in the world including India...
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Safety Makes a Safer World

There are many traffic safety rules that are to be adhered to when one drives a vehicle. Amongst these, I would like to add that every driver must be responsible enough to drive with utmost care and avoid causing injury to either other human beings or animals.

Recently the number of accidents has reached an alarming rate and it is a rare sight to see at least a couple of vehicles that do not have bumps or dents on them in traffic jams. This is due to the fact that people are in such a tearing hurry and mainly because a Driving Licence is so easy to obtain that you don't even need to pass a Driving Test!!

There seems to be no time for patience and for some reason, only they know: the hours in their days seem to have shortened; which is why there is such a mad rush that, unfortunately, causes the maximum accidents.

For those that drive there is a responsibility to themselves and others, please be more responsible, you are dealing with others' lives, be it human or animals; and for them, I would like to elaborate some of the main traffic safety rules which are:

  1. The Driver must have his Driving Licence, Certificate of Registration with him/her.

  2. The Driver must adhere to all the Traffic Signs he/she sees on the road and must educate himself about these. These are available at the RTO offices as well as the Driving Schools.

  3. He/She must wear his Seat Belt along with his co-passengers.

  4. He/She must stop at all Red Lights, slow down at the Turns and the Roundabouts to ensure safety.

  5. In case of an accident: it is his duty to stop, handover his and the vehicle owner's name and address, administer any possible medical aid to the injured party and report the accident to the nearest Police Station within 24 hours.

  6. Pillions must be safely seated with helmets on the two-wheelers.

  7. Drunken drivers and those that are mentally and physically unfit will be fined and the drunken drivers even given imprisonment up to six months.

  8. There should be no obstruction to the Driver's control of the vehicle by people sitting or standing next to him.

  9. The parked vehicle must be parked so as not to be an obstruction or inconvenience to the public.

  10. No person should be seated on the top or on the bonnet of a vehicle.

  11. 11. While stopping the vehicle, brakes must be applied or adequate measures should be taken so that the vehicle cannot be put in motion.

Lastly, the appeal to one and all is to adhere to these rules as they will help us all in making our world a safer place to live in.

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