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Indian Roads - Zero In On Safety
Right to life and safety is the fundamental right of any citizen. This is guaranteed under the constitution of every country in the world including India...
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Don't Be Rash Lest You Crash
The very mention of rules makes some people rebel but traffic safety rules can be ignored at one's own peril...
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When Patient becomes Impatient...With constant increase in the population and in the workforce, Indian roads are becoming more and more crammed full. Inside our metal boxes, we're not always as polite as we would be to one another face-to-face, and when we're all frustrated with traffic, sometimes people make mistakes or pull impolite driving maneuvers, which can lead to anger from other frustrated drivers. This often results in road rage, which at times results into life threatening consequences. Go through the articles listed here to learn more about road rage, the dangers involved with it and effectual ways that can help one overcome road rage.
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It's better to be safe than sorry!...With the constant growth in vehicle ownership each year, traffic chaos on Indian roads is apparently an unremitting problem. About 80,000 people are killed in road crashes in India every year. This is 13 percent of the total fatalities in the world. All kinds of people throng the roads and our daily slog could easily put our life at risk. A conscientious driver might be observing every rule under the book but if the driver behind him didn't bother with traffic niceties, he might end up on the accident victims' list. The need of the hour is Safety.Safety on Roads but for that we Indians need to follow the protocols, we need to implicate the much required road sense amongst us. Read these articles to learn the basics of road safety and also the hurdles that are in the way of INDIAN ROAD SAFETY.
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Aggression doesn't hit their conscience, let's try it the satirical way... At times Satire can emerge as an efficient tool to hit the bull's eye. The articles in this section can seem to be side-splitting but the hidden message will make you think about the Road Safety problems that India is facing in the present scenario. Enjoy these articles but don't let the dark truth fade away with your laughs.
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If driving is an art.learn it...No matter how good we are on wheels, we often end up into troubles on Road. This proves that being good behind the wheel is not enough. Something extra is needed. And that extra is often added to our existing skills and knowledge through driving schools. To be a perfect driver on Indian Roads you need to understand the Indian Road conditions very well. For further information on Indian driving schools and driving conditions in India, check out these articles.
Articles on Driving Schools and Driving Conditions in India

Respect Traffic Rules...Respect Life...Obeying traffic safety regulations often marks the difference between life and death on the highway. Only if you are alert while driving can you live to see another day. The thumb rule is to exercise tolerance and respect the traffic rules and regulations. Incidents like driving in wrong lanes and jumping of red lights is a usual sight in India. Such rule breaking endangers the lives of the pedestrians and other vehicle drivers. Interested in more information?? Go through this informative article section which will provide you in-depth knowledge of Indian traffic rules and regulation.
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