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Indian Roads - Zero In On Safety
Right to life and safety is the fundamental right of any citizen. This is guaranteed under the constitution of every country in the world including India...
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Don't Be Rash Lest You Crash
The very mention of rules makes some people rebel but traffic safety rules can be ignored at one's own peril...
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Don't Be Rash Lest You Crash

The very mention of rules makes some people rebel but traffic safety rules can be ignored at one's own peril. What is worse, the violators might end up harming not just themselves but law-abiding persons as well. A conscientious driver might be observing every rule under the book but if the driver behind him didn't bother with traffic niceties, he might add to the accident victims' tally.

If you were among the millions who drive to work every day, you would probably grimace with recognition. With traffic congestion getting worse each year in the wake of constant growth in vehicle ownership, all kinds of people throng the roads and your daily slog could easily put your life at risk. Driving under such circumstances could be stressful -even making us physically ill.

More Commuting Hours

According to the Road Information Program, a Washington-based research group that promotes safer highways, commuters in large urban areas spend the equivalent of about one and a half workweeks a year stuck in traffic-a 41 percent increase since 1990. Smaller cities are feeling the crunch too. The US Department of Transportation estimates that the typical American motorist drives about 22,500 kilometers a year--up 60 percent since 1969. While these are US figures, average commuting hours has been steadily increasing in practically every country.

Some results of such commuter combat are predictable. Reckless driving-sometimes in the form of so-called road rage-is often spurred by traffic frustrations. So cool-headed commuting is essential to safeguard precious lives on the road.

Alertness Is The Key

Obeying traffic safety regulations often makes the difference between life and death on the highway. Only if you are alert while driving can you live to see another day. The thumb rule is to exercise tolerance and respect other commuters' rights. Speed might thrill but it kills more often.

Driving is a test of concentration. Don't drive if you are drunk or are feeling sleepy. Don't get lost in the music or mobile in your vehicle. Keep a safe distance from the vehicle ahead of you as you could collide if the other driver is forced to apply sudden brakes. Also keep away from parked cars.

Obey signs and signals. Seat belts are meant to be used. Don't indulge a minor by letting him drive. Children should play in a safe place away from the street. Use standard helmets while driving two-wheelers and don't carry more than one adult pillion rider. Carrying persons on the bonnet of a motor vehicle is not done. No person should be allowed to stand or sit in a manner, which would hamper the driver.

While walking, look all ways before crossing the street. When there is no pavement, walk on the left facing traffic.

So, the next time you feel like romancing speed, pause to think. A lot hinges on your decision as each drop makes an ocean.

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