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Road Safety Initiatives

Steps Taken By Ministry:

The Ministry of Road Transportation and Highways (M.O.R.T.H.) is taking a number of steps to remedy the situation. Road safety Cell of the Department of Road Transport and Highways deals with the "National Road Safety Plan". This unit prepares and implements Annual Road Safety Plan". It also compiles road accident data and interacts with the states on the issues of road safety.

Important Schemes administered by Road Safety cell are:

  • Publicity Programs
  • Grants-in-aid to Voluntary Organizations for organizing road safety programs
  • National Highway Accident Relief Service Scheme
  • Refresher Training to Heavy Vehicle Drivers in Unorganized Sector
  • Setting up of Model Driving Training school
  • Within the M.O.R.T.H.s massive road sector development program, the govt. is working closely with agencies: World Bank, Asian Development Bank to improve road safety.
Steps Taken:

A number have steps have been taken to spread road safety culture across the country.

  1. The most noticeable project under taken by the Indian Government has been the "National Highway Development Program", "Rural Roads Project" under the leadership of Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

  2. "NGOs" have come up in many cities to deal with this problem at their levels.

  3. "Police Departments" hold road safety weeks, painting competitions.

  4. "Road Safety Cell" of the ministry has also been working closely to strengthen institutions and organizations. They have come up with an awards scheme for awarding organizations/individuals making outstanding contribution in the fields.

Bodies Involved in Road Safety

The Global Road Safety Partnership (G.R.S.P.)

G.R.S.P. brings together governments and governmental agencies, the private sector and civil society organizations to address road safety issues in low and middle income countries. G.R.S.P. is a hosted program of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (I.F.R.C.), based in Geneva.

Traditionally, road safety has been seen as an unfortunate consequence of a transport system and as a problem for the transport sector. However, the direct costs of the growing number of crashes falls mostly on the health sector, businesses and families. Today it is widely acknowledged that many sectors have a role to play in road safety, especially in the prevention of crashes, deaths and injuries. G.R.S.P. brings together these sectors at the global, national and sometimes local government level. G.R.S.P. provides advice on good practice and facilitates projects in a growing number of countries.


The R.S.P. is involved in the educational aspect of Road Safety. The R.S.P. Scheme commenced way back in 1951, and was flagged off from the New Bharda High School at Fort, Mumbai. This scheme is now being implemented in 511 school and extends to 68,548 R.S.P. students. The students are taught about road safety aspects and trained in Drill and Parade. They are also taught leadership qualities and discipline. The R.S.P. scheme inculcates road discipline in school-going children, who in turn educate their families and fellow students.

Traffic Warden Scheme

The Traffic Warden Scheme was started in Mumbai way back in 1988. This scheme invites people from all walks of life to enroll as Traffic Wardens. The Traffic Wardens assist the Traffic Police in controlling pedestrian movement at important junctions, thus aiding the smooth flow of Traffic. Their contribution during major festivals in controlling the mammoth traffic in Mumbai is noteworthy.

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