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Traffic Rules in India
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Road Traffic Signs - Signals

  • Basic Rules of the Road
  • The rules enlisted under this category are to be meant for all the people sharing the roads. The idea behind formulating such rules is that the roads are meant not only for the drivers (including motorists/cyclists/motorcyclists), but are shared by the pedestrians and animals by the road side. The rules belonging to these categories are mandatory to be followed while using the roads. You can observe all the above-stated rules only if you are patient, considerate and careful..

  • Traffic Signals
  • A traffic light, traffic signal or a stop light is a signaling device positioned at a road intersection to indicate when it is safe to wade through. The traffic signal passes on its information using a universal color code

    Stop and Wait
    Get Ready

  • Road Signals
  • Signs form a vital and integral part of the trafficking system for the safety of the road users. As per IRC (Indian Roads Congress) Road Signs are for indications on the road the road signs are categorized into 3 types:

  • Hand Signals
  • Hand Signals or Manual Regulation Signs are the gestures used to regulate traffic on the road using the hand movements. Traffic policemen use these actions to Regulate traffic particularly at intersections while the drivers use these signals to Notify the other users on the road about his intentions. Based on the person these Can be categorized as:

  • Road Markings and Pavement Markings
  • Road markings or pavement markings were introduced in 1920s. Initially, they were used to indicate the road's centerline. But, as they traffic increased, so did the roads and the lanes and later with the multi lane roads they were used to define lanes. With the times, they too have evolved a lot adorned with the information to aid motorists in passing safely.

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