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Road Rage - A Reason to Worry

Many of the myths have been associated with "Road Rage. To list a few:

  • Road Safety needs a term like "road rage".
  • Everyone understands what is meant by road rage.
  • Road rage is ever present .
  • We are all capable of road rage.
  • Road rage is on the increase.
  • Victims are usually entirely innocent.
  • The cause of road rage is our road system.
  • We need new laws to cover road rage.
  • Road rage can't be avoided.
  • Road rage is a major road safety problem requiring more effort and resources.

So, it raises the question "Should we worry about Road Rage?"

As we now spend more time on roads on either private or commercial vehicles due to varied reasons, incidences of "Road Rage" are increasing. "Road Rage" is becoming the most pressing Traffic Safety problem from the Traffic Police. Occurrence of more "Road Rage" incidences is an indication of deterioration of the civic sense of the modern community. This has become a thought for worry.

Not only the civilians but also our respected Prime Minister was not left from the deadly evil's attack. He suggested that "People must learn road manners, how to give way to pedestrians, how to observe normal rules while overtaking, how to park and when not to blow horns."

Indian "Road Ragers" use absurd sentences like: 'Sadak kya tere baap ki hai?', 'Bahar aoon kya gaadi se?', 'Pata hai main kaun hoon?' Legally, Government has formulated laws relating to "Compensation Cases for rash and negligent driving under IPC Section: 279, 337, and 338, but looking at the present condition of the road, they all seem to be going in vain.

The lack of infrastructure, poor road condition, increase in traffic all add to the already pent up anger within the Indian Drivers which transforms into "Road Rage - A Reason to Worry".

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